General information

  • Valid Nice Classification  – NCL 11-2018

  • Procedure 

Registration period –  about 8-12 months from the date of filing. Proof of registration – Certificate Procedures feature From the date of filing you should regularly monitor trade mark applications to check whether any of them conflict with your trade mark.

Step Term Official notification
Filing an application 1 day Notification with entr. number, Name of applicant, Date and time of filing
Formal examination 1 month Official notification about priority date
Substantive examination 6 months Official notification of granting/refusal
Publication 3 months  
Registration and granting the Certificate 1 month after payment for  granting Certificate


1. The Applicant details

Legal Entity Physical person
The full official name (Engl. translitaration) The Name (as it is in the passport and/or Engl. transliteration)
 A Legal address  An address


2. The image of the TM (jpg), The verbal elements, other

3. Goods and services / classes NCL 11-2018 (we‘ll help you to choose the classes for your goods/services)

4. POA (scanned copy without legalization)

Representation by a trademark attorney Foreign applicants must perform the trademark prosecution in Georgia through an agent, a registered in Georgia trademark attorney.

Priority document The priority document must be submitted within three months from filing a trademark application in Georgia.

Translation. Foreign applicants must perform the trademark prosecution in Georgia through an agent, a registered in Georgia trademark attorney.

Opposition against trademark application in Georgia is 3 months from the date of publication

The official legalization is not required. The signed and stamped (if applicable) POA form must be submitted within two months from notification.
Power of Attorney simply signed and stamped by the applicant(s), legalization and notarization are not required (may be provided to the Georgian Patent Office within 2 months from filing the application).
Copyright protection includes: literary works (books, brochures, articles, computer program, etc.); dramatic and dramatic-musical works, choreographic or pantomime works and other theatrical works; musical works with or without text; audiovisual works; sculptural, painting, graphic, lithographic, fine arts and similar works; architectural works; photographic works; maps, plan sketches, etc.; derivative works (in particular, translation, interlines of fiction, adaptation, making a screen version, review, staging, compilation, musical arrangement of literary and art works); compilation works (in particular, collections like encyclopedias, anthologies, databases, provided that the selection and arrangement of the contents is the result of intellectual creative efforts).
The general requirements for filing a copyright work are:

  1. Full name(s), address(es) and the date of birth(s) of the author(s);
  2. Full name(s), address(es) of the Right holder(s) (if differs from author);
  3. Title of the copyright work;
  4. Date of the creation of the work;
  5. A copy of the work in a material form printed or presented as computer file (if computer programs – in their initial form)

Depending on a case additional documents concerning the case maybe required. The procedure of copyright registration in Georgia usually takes about 2-3 months.