1. The image of the TM (jpg)
  2. Goods and services / classes NCL11-2017 (we‘ll help to choose the classes for your goods/services)
  3. POA (without legalization)
  4. The applicant details :

Legal entity – The full official name, legal address

Natural person – The Name (as it is in the passport), address.

Representation by a trademark attorney Foreign applicants must perform the trademark prosecution in Moldova through an agent, a registered in Moldova trademark attorney.

Opposition  in Moldova may be filed for national application within 3 months from the date of publication of an application; for International Registration within 6 months from the publication of the application. If no opposition was filed within the opposition period, and the decision about acceptance was issued, the protest against registration may be filed within 1 month from the acceptance date (should be monitored)

Priority document The priority document must be submitted within three months from filing a trademark application in Moldova.

The official legalization is not required. The signed and stamped (if applicable) POA form must be submitted within two months from notification.
Original of the POA signed by applicant(s). Notarization or Legalization is not required.
Copyright shall extend to literary, artistic and scientific works expressed in the following forms: a) written form (manuscript, typewritten text, musical score, etc.); b) oral form (public recitation, etc.); c) audio or video recording (mechanical, magnetic, digital, optic, etc.); d) figurative form (drawing, sketch, painting, plan, photograph, etc.); e) three-dimensional form (sculpture, model, mock-up, structure, etc.); f) any other form. (2) Copyright protection shall extend to: a) literary works (books, essays, novels, poems, etc.); b) computer programs which shall be protected in the same manner as literary works; c) scientific works; d) dramatic and dramatico-musical works, scenarios and storyboards, librettos, and filmsynopses; e) musical works, with or without words; f) choreographic works and mimed works; g) audiovisual works; h) works of painting and sculpture, graphic works and works of fine art; i) works of architecture, town planning and park and garden design; j) works of applied art; k) photographic works and works obtained by processes analogous to photography; l) maps, plans, sketches and three-dimensional works relating to geography, topography, architecture and other scientific fields; m) databases; n) other works
The general requirements for filing a copyright work are: 1. Full name(s), address(es) and the date of birth(s) of the author(s); 2. Full name(s), address(es) of the Right holder(s) (if differs from author); 3. Title of the copyright work; 4. Date of the creation of the work; 5. A copy of the work in a material form printed or presented as computer file (if computer programs – in their initial form). Depending on a case additional documents concerning the case maybe required. The procedure of copyright registration in Moldova usually takes about 2-3 months.    
A simply signed power of attorney is needed.