Company profile

Intectica is a leading Patent and Research group of companies in Bulgaria, Ukraine, as well as at the former USSR territories, with headquarters in Sofia (BG) and Kyiv (UA). We gathered high qualified scientists and patent attorneys in our own Research department to work with manufacturers of pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry.
Our clients’ base includes domestic enterprises and international companies from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, and foreign and domestic IP law companies, which we assist at the territory of our jurisdiction with drafting, searching and filing patent and TM applications.
Our first PCT patent application was filed in 2003 year. It was first Ukrainian PCT application, which was filed in WIPO in 2013 year. Since that time we provide our clients with international patent searches (according to EU standards), we draft and file applications in Ukraine, WIPO, EAPO, Russia and other former USSR countries. Over 300 patent applications were filed all over the world and were granted in USA, EU, EAPO, China and other 30 countries.

2018 – EAPO, RU patent attorney joined our group, therefore the filing and prosecution starts to be cheaper and more convenient for our clients.
2017 – EUIPO office provides us, as the most active Bulgarian company, with the special Apps for direct connection with them. Our service became more professional and a lot of questions can be solved more quickly.
2014 – USA trademark agent enhanced us. And Copyfirght and TM registration in USA became much more easier and convenient.
2013 – We built the strong relationship with professors from USA, Iran, Ukraine, Canada, China, who support us and our client with scientific reports, searches and scientific opinions for courts.
2013 – EU and Bulgarian patent attorney joined our group, and we expanded our practice area to EU region.
2012 – We built up our partner network in different countries. We chose the best professionals, on our opinion, in every country of our activity.
We control and draft every response to national SPO in our headquarters only, to save Patent ability and scope of patent rights of applications.