Patent research and analysis

Before launching product on market and drafting the patent application, patentability search is made, and chances of successful patent protection of product are evaluated. If results of patent search show relevant documents, it is necessary to work on eliminating weaknesses of application. It is important to build protection strategy in such the way that patent expert could not bring arguments against application at substantive examination stage and could not issue an Office Action based on patent search results. Each case is purely individual and requires a separate approach, but there are certain common features that require a research work.

  1. Object is new and has an inventive step – the best situation; object can get a strong protection (patents for inventions in all countries). Task is to get maximum scope of rights for the maximum period which can be achieved in various ways (divisional applications, many technical results, several independent claims, broad independent claims and many examples of its embodiments, etc.). This situation is very rare.
  2. Object is new, but has no inventive step – most common situation, especially in the field of pharmacy, where there is always interest in entering the market with generics. To ensure the condition of inventive step, it is necessary to change characteristics of subject matter of invention. In this case, our specialists are ready to cooperate with your technical experts to get the best result.
  3. Search for new opportunities – thanks to our experienced technical experts in the field of chemistry, and established contacts with specialists in USA, Australia, Canada, Ukraine and Bulgaria, we can offer potential changes of features of invention, or, at the client’s request, develop a new product. Any variants of objects are possible, depending on the area of ​​interest and specifics of situation: composition, method, etc.