Patent search

Patent search

Patent search is the search in publicly available patent and non-patent information sources. Search can be carried out at all stages of invention registration, and also after the patent grant. Depending on the goal, there are several main types of patent searches; each is a step in the developed strategy of patenting or entering the market.

Basic patent searches

Patentability search

Patentability search is a powerful tool in skilled hands.  It helps to predict whether the patent will be granted in the country of your choice, and to build up  protection strategy in different countries depending of Novelty and Inventive step. It is carried out on prior art and includes an overview of all information that is currently publicly available, which makes patentability search one of the broadest in scope.

FTO search

We conduct Freedom-to-Operate searches on reliable sources – official databases of patent offices. Our search includes not only patents but also overviews of new international applications to expose all possible dangers in the future. It helps you to understand the risks of commercial product / technology use, because of patent infringement in the country of your interest.

Opposition search

Opposition search is one of the most complex searches. It is aimed at studying the patentability of the patent document. Features of search methodology, analysis of documents and report drafting make opposition search similar to work of examiner during substantive examination. This kind of search is necessary to revoke the patent, withdraw the application or evaluate licensing opportunities.

Additional patent searches

Bibliography search

Bibliography patent search can be carried out if you already know some kind information about the document. Patent search for basic bibliographic information includes inventor, applicant, title, representative, application or patent number search.

Legal status search

Purpose of search is to identify legal status of the patent document, whether: application is filed / pending / withdrawn / granted, claims were changed, patent is in force, patent ownership was changed, patent was licensed or assigned.

Document status search

Document status search is carried out periodically on a certain known object or document. Monitoring the situation on the basis of official information from the Patent Office will help avoid infringements and future litigation.