Patent strategy

Patent strategy

For successful accomplishment it is necessary to plan a far reaching sequential strategy. And result should be fast grant with the lowest cost and the large scope of rights and small risks of patent revocation and future litigation.

Our Strategy

Intectica was founded by the chemists, the patent attorneys of Ukraine – senior examiners of the patent department of the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property. A qualified team of technical specialists allows us to work successfully in fields such as: chemistry, agrochemistry, medicine, cosmetics and food industry. In these areas we offer high-level of services: protection of products and technologies or entry to markets paving among existing products.

With over 15 years of IP law practice in Ukraine and CIS countries, we have professional knowledge of features of national legislation and wide experience of work what allows us to decrease risks and get patents worldwide.

When we prepare an application we always put ourselves in place of both sides: defense and attack. It is impossible to build an effective defense without considering possible attacking actions. We work as doctors; we get to know all problems, features and wishes of our clients to use the application’s strengths and create the most suitable strategy.

As a result of our practice, we have found an effective solution: most controlled processes on our part and to focus on unsupervised settlement of disputes. Thus, our strategy is to avoid litigation as much as possible, which suits our clients because of saving time and material resources.

To carry out this strategy, Intectica provides a full range of patent services and support throughout whole patent cycle: from getting a task from client to annuity payments. We have highly qualified technical and patent experts and can conduct patent searches, draft applications, file and protect applications up to grant. Professional knowledge of national legislation allows avoiding difficulties and complications as much as possible what speeds up registration procedure. Conducting preliminary patent searches, assessing risks at examination stage and preparing for them, writing reasoned answers to Office Actions based on developed strategy are features of our work that have already proved effective and which we are happy to offer to our customers.