Our Strategy

Our strategy has two fundamentally important features:

1) Analyzing your idea, we consider it from two sides – from the defense and from the attack of the competitors. The experience of professionals of Intectica shows that it is impossible to build an effective defense strategy without comprehensively analyzing the possible actions of the competitors.

2) Analyzing your idea, we weigh its advantages and disadvantages. Here, we as doctors must know all the problems, features and wishes in order to maximize the strengths of your idea and build the strategy that is appropriate for you

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Our Features

A patent – a patent for an invention, a patent for a utility model, a patent for an industrial design, a certificate for a mark for goods and services – a document that gives you a monopoly on your idea.

To obtain the monopoly, it is important to investigate the market. And we can do it, and in addition purposefully study your competitors.

Provide us with the company name and our professionals will find its full patent portfolio!

Together with Intectica you can get the monopoly on new products and technologies, as well as well-known products and technologies in new markets.

We deal with a variety of objects – substances, devices, strains of microorganisms, production methods and much more. Provide us with the object and we will patent it!

In addition, owing to our fruitful cooperation with professional scientists from different countries, we develop new products – compositions, substances, methods of substance production and more.

Outline your idea and we will create a product / technology to patent it!

Finally, due to constant self-improvement, we develop solutions for startups.

Consult with our experts before investing or patenting a startup and we will assist in protecting your investments!

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Who are We?

Intectica is a patent and research company that offers a full range of IP services, and much more.

Under our wing, we have gathered a team of patent attorneys and scientists in the field of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, IT and IT for pharmaceuticals, and created an international patent and research group Intectica. With us, manufacturers of original and generic medicines receive protection around the world – Sweden, Britain, Italy, Ukraine, CIS countries and many others

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Why choose Us?

To get true protection of your rights.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience and a wide geography of our activity, we are guaranteed to provide a full range of IP services, from patent searches to writing an application and obtaining a certificate.

Intectica will assist in getting not only a certificate, as it is. Our professionals will investigate and analyze the market, prepare a strategy particularly for you, and help you get a patent that really works and protects your rights

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