Our History

Inteсtiсa is a leading patent and research group of companies in Europe and the territory of the former USSR, with headquarters in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Kyiv (Ukraine). In our own research department, we have gathered highly qualified scientists and patent attorneys to work with manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Our client base includes domestic and international companies from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Ukraine, as well as foreign and domestic IP companies, which we assist in searches, preparing and filing applications for patents, trademarks and designs.

Our first PCT application was filed in 2003 and it was the first PCT application of a Ukrainian applicant to be filed to WIPO in 2003. Since then, we have been conducting patent searches, preparing and filing applications for our clients, as well as providing application prosecution in any country of the world. To date, Intectica has already filed more than 1,600 applications, and patents and certificates were granted in the USA, EU, EAPO, China and many other countries.

We have developed our partner network in different countries, for which we have selected, in our opinion, the best specialists in each country
A patent attorney of the EU and Bulgaria has joined our team and Intectica expanded its professional activity to the EU. In the same year, we started cooperating with professors from the United States, Iran, Ukraine, Canada, and China, who supported us and our clients with scientific reports, searches, and conclusions for the trials
A US trademark attorney has joined the team. Copyright and trademark registration in the USA has become much simpler and more convenient
EUIPO provided us, as the most active Bulgarian company, with special programs for direct communication with them. Our services became more professional, and many issues can be resolved faster
EAPO and RU patent attorney joined our team. Filing and prosecuting applications has become cheaper and more convenient for our clients
Intectica has excluded the patent attorney of Russia and EAPO from the team and has ceased professional activities in Russia and Belarus in connection with the full-scale military invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine in February 2022.

Our Team

Olena Yakobchuk
Head of Kyiv office
Viktoria Ondiuk
Olha Medvedchyk
Kateryna Hordon
Hanna Fleisher
Fedir Pavlovsky
Head of Patent department
Anastasia Tsumbal