Gender equity



1. General terms


1.1 This Gender Equity Policy establishes principles of EOOD Intectica for ensuring a gender equality and equity approach to all its organizational operations.


1.2 EOOD Intectica and its team adhere to the principles that all employees are equally respected and valued and enjoy equal opportunities and the fruits of their labor, regardless of gender.


1.3 EOOD Intectica fully shares and supports the principle of fairness towards both women and men.


1.4 EOOD Intectica recognizes that gender inequality can limit and negatively affect the safety, work, family life and opportunities of the team, especially women and girls, and does not support gender inequality in the workplace and among team members.


1.5 EOOD Intectica recognizes the prevalence and impact of gender discrimination and harassment and creates a work environment that challenges stereotypes, power imbalances and social norms that contribute to gender inequality.


1.6 EOOD Intectica recognizes that gender inequality is both structural and individual meaning it is not only the result of individual attitudes and actions, but also of biases in the structures, systems, internal rules and processes in our community, and does not support any manifestations of gender inequality in the workplace and among team members.


2. Principles


2.1 EOOD Intectica provides equal opportunities for its employees and supports an organizational culture of gender equality.


2.2 EOOD Intectica creates a friendly and family environment for men and women through the following measures:

Options for parental leave for both men and women.

Flexible working regime for the team.

Options for remote work.

Cultivation of awareness of family violence and domestic violence and establishment of appropriate policies and procedures to support the team members.

Regular review of the policies, procedures and strategies to ensure compliance with gender equality principles.


2.3 EOOD Intectica creates a fair, respectful and supportive environment for men and women in the team through the following measures:

Ensuring gender representation among employees.

Ensuring gender equality in remuneration of employees.

Encouraging gender diversity in positions that are historically stereotypically male.


2.4 EOOD Intectica demonstrates social responsibility for gender equality through the following community-related activities:

Ensuring senior management representation in external networks dealing with gender equality issues.

Intellectual and educational support for women’s business.