Types of Trademark

Combined sign

Combined sign

Combined sign

You should note that test

  • A registered trade mark is protected only at the territory of registration
  • Every country has its own policy for registration hence you should be aware that the decisions of
    examiners might vary in different countries. However, such difficulties can be resolved by professional
    arguments that yield to the registration of an applied trademark
  • There are some special items which are not protected by trademark’s law. In case your sign has this
    kind of items , we inform you before the filing, to make some correction and to avoid refusal
  • There are elements which can’t be protected
  • Preliminary search must be done before the filing
  • After the filing an application you have to use your TM

Important information

Different ways to protect a sign
Negative and positive sides of the trade mark registration
National and international registration systems

Protection of sign can be implemented in three ways

1. Trade marks 2. Design registration 3. Copyright

It depends on your purposes. Answering to the question “Why do you need to register a trademark”, will
allow us to guide you to choose the best option for you.

Registration methods

  • National procedure
  • The Madrid system (single application for several countries)
  • EUIPO – European trademark (One application for all EU countries)


National:It is valid only at the territory of registration.

Madrid:It is a very convenient system however the only obstacle is expenses. Because you
never know how much cost it takes for provisional refusal, limitations, oppositions

EUIPO:The only disadvantage is that if even one country refuses to register, the
application is doomed to be refused