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Written by: Anastasia Tsumbal, Head of the Patent department

99 out of 100 are eagerly waiting for the end of 2020 for the well-known reasons))) But think carefully. Too long haven’t we seen such a powerful leap in development in such a short period of time.

It is hard to deny that coronavirus pandemic, with all its terrible consequences, served as a tremendous impetus of scientific and technical progress, and changes in the world order as well. If a year ago “remote work” essentially was the prerogative of freelancers, then the 2020 quarantine clearly demonstrated to mankind the ability to work at home for specialists from a much larger number of areas. In fact, any person, whose professional activity is connected with the computer, can spend working hours not only in the office, but also in any place suitable for him/her. For example, on the beaches of Bali))

These global changes seem to have an impact on an “ossified” legal system. Can you imagine trials held via Skype or Zoom? At first glance, it is hardly possible. However, the European Patent Office (EPO) became concerned about maintaining the proper functioning of its systems and services during the pandemic. Therefore, just a month after the announcement of the total quarantine, namely on 14 of April, 2020, EPO approved a decision of the President of the European Patent Office concerning the pilot project for oral proceedings by videoconference before opposition divisions.

Starting September 14, 2020, EPO has been testing its pilot project on the Zoom platform. It is worth noting that almost all aspects of such oral proceedings were taken into account. For example, several separate audio-channels were used to provide simultaneous interpretation. Participants were also provided with a virtual deliberation rooms, and free listeners got public access to the very proceedings before opposition divisions. Of course, the pilot also takes into account the data protection requirements for all parties involved in the opposition process.

If you want to witness radical changes of the legal system, you can take part in any scheduled hearing. There is a possibility to become a free listener remotely by sending a request to the EPO mail support@epo.org (for more information see https://www.epo.org/applying/online-services/proceedings/public-access.html). Alternatively, there is a possibility to attend the hearings, which is held at the Office, personally.

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