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Export of Ukrainian products to the EU
Written by: Olena Yakobchuk

Today, many Ukrainian products are exported to the EU. If such brands as Roshen have been here for a long time, then the cars of Rud has just recently been seen on the streets. I found their ice cream at one point only.

From the point of view of my company and intellectual property, we see the same mistakes or problems faced by Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the EU.

Below I will simply list, then I will write in more detail. But, please, write in the comments what is interesting for you – which brands and products – and we will sort it out.


TM® in the EU is already registered by the majority, but NOT correctly, here is a completely different procedure, you CANNOT stupidly register your logo. There are critically few attorneys who will analyze your TM and give advice. And if you do it WRONG, you will not pass customs, you will be subject to fines and confiscation of goods.


Amazon. For several years now, we have been dealing with troll attacks and the blocking of goods and stores in the USA and the EU. There is a solution, but you need to act in advance. If you are just considering such a market, immediately conduct a search and develop the patenting strategy. There are not only TMs of various types, but also industrial designs and copyright. You have to think and analyze. Do not approach it formally, it will be more expensive, if at all. Because not only trolls are active, but also competitors…


I have already written too much, I will continue later. If you are interested, let me know in the comments. I will know that what I am doing is not in vain.


Victory of Ukraine!

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