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Written by: Hanna Fleisher, Patent attorney assistant

You miss inventive content, don’t you? So do we. Therefore, we decided to surf patent databases for something extraordinary. And, came across applications of Disney.

Unexpectedly for us and, probably, for an average layman, the Disney company turned out to be not only the creator of cartoons and the owner of Disneyland, but also a leader in the development of animatronics and entertainment robotics. By the way, the very word animatronics meaning robots that move and make sounds, has been used since 1961 and is a registered trademark of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Just recently, in the middle of 2019, Disney Enterprises Inc. has filed US patent applications that protect certain aspects of autonomous robots. Disney autonomous robots are machines endowed with “intelligence” and capable of performing actions, for example, purposefully going somewhere, or interacting with people on their own, without external human control. And here, it is worth noting that in order to obtain maximum patent protection, Disney has filed three applications for three different aspects. The first application US 16/447,909 describes a robot capable of behaving in a certain way when interacting with humans. The second application US 16/447,912 discloses a robot capable of understanding human behavior and reacting accordingly. And the third application US 16/447,910 protects a robot including built-in security protocols that will not get out of control and hurt people.

So, the times are not far off when Disneyland will provide a possible to chat with Elsa or leave Anna to nurse your child. Most importantly, the use of such autonomous robots for their intended purpose, i.e., for the public entertainment, has a secondary, much more important value. Autonomous robots can replace live animals in circuses, aquariums and zoos and thus eliminate animal exploitation. At the same time, communication with “animals” will become safer and more informative.

What’s the conclusion for inventors? All aspects of your invention need to be patented, and the more complex the invention, the more patents it may need to protect itself. At the same time, the example of Disney shows that the patents are also an unambiguous indication of who stands at the origins of any particular field of knowledge.

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