• Cosmetic Chemistry

    Intectica has considerable experience in working with both luxury cosmetics and mass-market cosmetics.

    All cosmetics are usually based on certain active substances. Luxury cosmetics is usually developed around a certain theme, and all the products themselves are based on certain biological or chemical substances of one theme. For example, the basis of the product line may be a snail essence. Therefore, patents for cosmetics have their own features.

    First of all, it is not advisable to apply for an individual patent for each cosmetic product, if it is distinguished from others only by auxiliary components. On the one hand, this is great, because the patenting cost is not very high, as in the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, the patent itself must be written by a maestro, and in one sentence – independent claim, which contains in the patent claims – he/she must cover and reflect all possible alternatives of the products, even those that do not yet exist, and fully convey the variety and minimality of all features. Such a sentence prevents emergence of the competitors, ensures the patent grant and a real monopoly, taking into account all the features of the laws of the country of interest, while remaining within the patent rules.

    Second, to protect cosmetics, it is necessary to register both trademarks and patents for compositions (active mixtures) in as many countries as possible, which may not be of interest now, but are highly likely to become competitors in the future. Based on Intectica experience, the most active competing countries today are Italy, China, Poland and Switzerland