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    An Office Action means that examiner analysed your application and believes it does not meet conditions of patentability and cannot be granted a patent. In this situation, the country’s Patent Office assumes that applicant (his representative), within the prescribed time limits, will submit to Office his response in defence of the application, which must contain arguments confirming invention patentability.

    Specifics of preparing responses to such requests vary from country to country. It is necessary to consider features of application, aspects of Office Action, individual expert’s approach of considering the application. To some extent, the expert’s actions can and should be expected in advance, so that, even if Office Action is issued, a proper response can be prepared that will lead to a positive decision on this application.

    Our specialists, having experience in granting patents all over world, also after negotiations with experts and Office Actions, are ready to help the client in submitting successful response to Office Action considering all factors listed above, while keeping maximum scope of rights for the client, without limitation of claims.