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Registration of TM in Uzbekistan can be canceled as a result of INVENTORY! New changes in Uzbekistan!
Written by: Olena Yakobchuk

According to the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan dated 08.02.2019 “On measures to improve public administration in the field of intellectual property”, from 01.03.2019 a new procedure is introduced that will be applied to trademarks:

From July 01, 2019, a complete inventory of all trademarks registered in Uzbekistan will be carried out. The goal is to identify facts of unfair registration of well-known trademarks and take measures to cancel trademark registration certificates issued in violation of legal requirements.

The inventory will be handled by the prosecutor’s office. A rather strange and very democratic decision: how TM specialistsworking in the prosecutor’s office will analyze the criteria for corruption marks issued is not known. It sounds scary, it looks like foreign owners of TM in Uzbekistan should be on their guard

  • within one day after filing an application for a trademark, TM will publish information about the application on the official website;

Great news, it becomes possible to search for submitted applications. The only thing left is to modernize the site so that it works and gives users this new opportunity

  • the validity of a trademark certificate may be terminated early on the basis of a court decision if the trademark has not been used on the territory of Uzbekistan during the last 3 years of its validity.

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