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Startup educational program – 1st in the group of seminars for startups
Written by: Olena Yakobchuk

Startups are based on new business solutions, as well as on intellectual property law. These solutions could be covered by others’ rights and legally protected by the IP law. The beginners must be sure they act safely, and at the same time they should protect their new intellectual features from the competitors or for the sake of the potential investors. On the other hand, startup specifics are essentially based on that they should increase the value fast and by means of reasonable funds. And, all of that must exist in harmony in one project.

This first seminar gets the education program for entrepreneurs started. We are going to discuss the types of modern startups, business chip protection, different ways of increasing the value using IP objects, and protection strategy for every kind of startups. As a result, we will identify the solutions to protect and secure our trainee’s business projects, ensure enough protection for starting or pitching for investors, and, at the same time, protecting the projects using reasonable funds.

Please register by sending us email or filing Google-form on


All registrants will get link on video after the seminar.

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