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New US Patent Platfo
Written by: Olena Yakobchuk, CEO of Intectica Group

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has launched a new online resource for patents related to COVID-19.
The USPTO “Patents 4 Partnership” platform is designed to support companies that are considering licensing patents related to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19. The patent database proposed can make the interaction and cooperation of patent owners and manufacturing companies more efficient.
The platform is a convenient search resource that provides information on US patents open for licensing. The search can be conducted by patent number, inventor name, keywords, etc.

Now, in connection with the current situation in the world, development of the platform is intended for the widest possible dissemination of useful information about innovations, as well as stimulating research and production activities. In the future, it is highly likely that the platform will be expanded to other inventions and technologies.

You can check out the new platform at the link:


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