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General information

Valid Nice Classification – NCL NCL 12-2023.

Participating countries – Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belarus.

At the moment, this procedure is not available at the official level, since the application mechanism has not been fully adjusted by the intellectual property departments of the participating countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.



General information


List of Contracting States: Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan), Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Registration period – about 2-6 years from the application filing date.

Confirmation document – Certificate.

Term of validity – 20 years from the application filing date. There is an opportunity to extend the patent validity in the Contracting State whose legislation provides the extension of the validity of the national patent for an invention.

What can be protected: device, method (process), substance, biotechnological product, usage of the device, method, substance, biotechnological product (use of the object for a new purpose).



Step Term Official Notification Deadline
Application Filing 1 day Notification with registration number, applicant name, filing date and time Direct filing with claiming priority – 12 months from priority date

PCT national phase entry in EAPO – 31 months from priority date

Formal Examination within 1-4 months from application filing date Formal examination request / Notification on formal examination completion Response to formal examination request – within time limit specified in notification
Substantive Examination 1-5 years after filing request for substantive examination Substantive examination request / Decision on grant/refusal Filing request for substantive examination – within 6 months from publication date

Response to substantive examination request – 4 months from date of reception

Publication and Grant within 6 months after grant fees payment Certificate Payment of grant and publication fees – 4 months from reception of grant decision
Maintenance annually Invitation to pay annuity fees First annuity fees payment includes payment for previous years starting from application filing date

Annuity fees depends on the number of contracting states, where the patent is maintained



1. Applicant information – full name / title and registered office.
2. Inventor information – full name and registration address.
3. Number of International publication (for PCT procedure) or application materials: claims, description, abstract, drawings (for non-PCT procedure; international application was not published).
4. Translation of the application into Russian (we prepare by ourselves) must be submitted within 4 months from the date of filing.
5. Power of Attorney (no legalization or notarization required) must be submitted within 2 months from the date of filing.
6. Certified copy of the priority application (if priority is claimed) must be submitted within 4 months from the date of filing.



General information

Registration period – about 12 months.

Confirmation document – Certificate of registration of industrial design or industrial model.

Validity period – 5 years from the application filing date, with possible extension of the term for one or more five-year periods (in total, not more than 25 years from the application filing date).

What can be protected as an industrial design: the appearance of the product, which is determined by the shape, configuration, ornament, combination of colors, lines, contours of the product, texture or texture of the material of the product.

Official language – application materials are submitted in Russian and all paperwork is conducted in Russian.



Stage Duration Results of the stage Necessary actions
Application filing 1 day Notification of application filing date and application number


Notification of forwarding application to Eurasian Department and invitation to pay single fees


Notification of receipt of application by Eurasian Department

To pay fees for forwarding application to Eurasian Department (only when submitting to National Department)


To pay single fees – at filing date or within 3 months from notification date

Priority establishment (optional) within 2 months from filing date Notification of priority establishment To submit documents that confirm legitimacy of priority claim and their translation – at filing date or within 2 months from filing date


To pay fees for priority claim – at filing date or within 3 months from filing date

Preliminary examination within 2 months from filing date Examination request to make clarifications, eliminate inconsistencies, etc


Notification of positive completion of preliminary examination

To submit response to Examination request
Publication of application within 1 months from Notification of positive completion of preliminary examination Publication of application in Official Bulletin To pay substantive examination fees – at filing date or within 3 months from publication date
Third party objections within 2 months from publication date Notification of submitted objections


Publication of information about submitted objections in Official Bulletin

To submit response to submitted objections – within 1 month from forwarding date
Substantive examination after Third party objections completion Request for additional information


Request of substantive examination


Application examination report / Decision on state registration


Notification of readiness to grant certificate

To submit additional information – within 4 months from request forwarding date


To submit response to substantive examination request

State registration about 2 months Registration in National Register of Eurasian Patents To pay registration, publication and grant fees – at filing date or within 2 months from Notification of grant
Publication of information on state registration within 2 months from registration date Publication of registration information in Official Bulletin
Certificate grant after publication Certificate reception
Annuity every 5 years Notification of expiration


Notification of registration of annuity fees

To submit request for extension of validity period – within last year of validity


To pay fees – within last year of validity



1. Information about the applicant – full name / address of permanent residence, name of the legal entity / address of registration of the legal entity.

2. Information about the author(s) – full name, address of permanent residence.

3. A set of images, that gives a complete idea of the product – drawings of the general appearance of the product, photos, drawings, assembly map, etc.

4. Power of attorney for a representative in intellectual property (no legalization or notarization required).

5. Priority claim with reference to the filing date, the number of the previous application and the name of the country or institution where it was submitted, as well as a certified copy of the previous application issued by the institution that received it, and a translation of the copy of the application in Russian (if priority is established).

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